Biden: ‘I Don’t Know What I’m Signing’

WATCH: Hot Mic Catches Sleepy Joe Saying “I Don’t Know What I’m Signing” Before Being FORCED To Sign Executive Order By Kamala Anyway

Well, what did you expect?

There are reports that Joe Biden died in 2017 and that the current “Biden” that we see is either a robot or a zombie, or a mixture of both. So of course he doesn’t know what he’s signing.

Watch the video embedded in the news story and decide whether that’s actually what he said. I found it a bit hard to make out. But it’s very easy to believe he said it. No one knows what’s going to pop out of his mouth, moment by moment.

There’s hardly any point to reporting the nooze just now. We all know what the nooze is. Our country has been stolen by a crime syndicate with ties to the Chinese Communist Party. And we don’t know what to do about it. All we have left is our prayers. I pray for vengeance.

So that’s all the nooze I’m gonna do today, unless somebody out there asks for something in particular.

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  1. I really think he’s had a stroke (maybe more than one). Watch how his mouth moves when he has to say a word or phrase with two consonants in a row. The consonants run together, and his lips seem to freeze. People who’ve had strokes do have difficulties navigating consonants. He’s been doing that for the past year.

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