Now What Do I Write?

Predator X

Behold “Predator X.” You’ll have a hard time fitting him in your wading pool.

I am supposed to write a Newswithviews column today. I’ve been thrashing my brain for ideas all morning. Politics? Gee, I’m tired of writing politics! What can I say that no one else is saying?

If only I could report to you that Predator X is still alive! Still cruising northern waters, looking for very large things to eat. They call him “X” because all they’re got are little bits of bone, not enough to deserve a proper name. But that only makes him more tantalizing to the imagination.

I don’t have much time left to come up with an idea.

Well, wish me luck. I’ve got to do this somehow.

What’s that ripple in the water over there?

[P.S.–Well, I wrote it, and you’ll see it Thursday.]

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