Don’t Let Them Crush Us

The War of the Worlds review: slow, stupid and hopelessly straightforward

This is all the nooze I’m gonna do today, I don’t want to go mad; so let’s get the comments rolling.

Just now, Far Left Crazy–having stolen the election and swallowed up the government–seems unstoppable. Like the Martian invaders in War of the Worlds–alien, cruel, and implacable. They’re running wild, feverishly undoing every good thing done by Donald Trump in their rush to “transform” our country into a Third World hell-hole.

We can’t even keep track. A scan of the nooze is both terrifying and depressing. All of the crazies, all of them, are coming out of the woodwork. Who knew we had so many of them?

And who’s going to defend us? Every institution, and most of the, ahem, leaders we put our trust in have failed us: turned away from duty either because of cowardice or because they were in it with the b ad guys. They finally took down our president and there’s no one left.

We have nothing but our prayers, and we’d better pray them hard, and unceasingly. Pray the Lord to avenge this crime, this fraud, this stealing of our country. “Vengeance is mine,” says the Lord. Pray Him to take it.

We must not be crushed. We must not accept “oh, that’s the way it is now!” No! Never! If all we have is our prayers, then pray!

5 comments on “Don’t Let Them Crush Us

  1. I don’t believe this story is over, we are still in the middle of it. God is not going to allow this to stand for lots of reasons. Just because it hasn’t happened when we thought or how we thought doesn’t mean it’s over. The third act is about to begin.

  2. One thing for sure, God knows the end from the beginning, and remember when God was angry with His people and threatened to destroy them all? Moses pleaded with God to spare them for His own glory, and He listened to Moses’ prayer. God knew what He would do, but this was a test for Moses. He wants us to
    share in His plans by prayer and our own repentance.

  3. it ain’t over yet. do not give up. Trump didn’t go thru all the harassment just to give up yet. he’s letting the commie democrats have al the rope they want so Trump can hang them with it. And..God is still in control. This is His country. do you think He will give it up to “those guys”? buckle up and ride this out.

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