‘Telling Us How to Behave’

Hate Has No Business Here

Democrats spewed hate at America for four years and are still doing it; and here in our Democrat-dominated town, you’d better have the right lawn sign: “Hate Has No Home/Business Here.”

Telling Us How to Behave

The fun part of all this is when you try to get them to explain what they mean by “hate,” and they try so hard not to say “any deviation from the Party line.” Apart from that, they have no idea what they’re saying. Maybe they want to ban basic human emotions. Only if they did, they themselves wouldn’t be always boiling over with hate, would they? I mean, have you see what happens to a Democrat’s face if you question abortion, Climbit Change, “gay marriage,” or “transgender”? They’re ready to cut your heart out.


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  1. All I can say to that is: I follow the commands of Scripture and if you think for a moment that you can control my thoughts, well, good luck with that, poor ignorant one.

  2. Often they’ll just respond with a tautology: “It means racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, etc.” Then you have to ask them what would constitute an act of racism, sexism, etc. And they still won’t be able to answer, except with some other tautology. Or they may say something like, “so-and-so said homosexuality was a sin.” After correcting them about the act rather than the inclination being a sin, you’d have to ask how they knew the person who’d called the act a sin actually hated the people involved. And once more you’d get a tautology, or, rather, a circular argument, i.e., “calling it a sin shows hate.” Once again, ask them how saying it shows hatred of the people, and you find yourself going round and round in never ending circles — like the Foo Bird we used to joke about in the Air Force, the bird who flies around in ever-decreasing circles until it flies up its own fundament.

    Slogans cancel the need for thought — an observation which, come to think of it, makes a pretty good slogan, no?

    1. Origin of the word “slogan”: it was originally a watchword devised by the Celtic tribes of Britain. Once the “slogan” was proclaimed, every man who heard it had to run, not walk, to the colors. And the last man to arrive was killed as a human sacrifice.

      Now it’s just a way of muting thought.

    2. Well, the last person to respond to the slogan still becomes a human sacrifice. Plus ça change….

  3. “The fun part of all this is when you try to get them to explain what they mean by “hate,” and they try so hard not to say “any deviation from the Party line.” ” So ironic

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