We Kneed A Niew Slowgan!!!

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I has to Giv Up tryiing “to-be” Joh Bydin he is jist “tooo Grate” foar me!!!! And anyhow we has “got” a niew projjeckt heer foar Our Stoodint Soviet,, We “are” goingto fined out All The trump sapportors and reprot themb to the Arthropods foar “beeing” Demotic Terrawrists!!!!!

Wheight a minnit did i “get” sombthing rawng?? I shoodof sayed “Arthuroraties”??? Well, whatevver!!

Now we has to fined Out whoo voated foar Trumpt and get themb Aresstid!!!!!! It woont be Eezy becoase somb of Themb thay “Are” very Sneeky!!!! thay woont admitt thay Voated “fore” Trumpt!! So whee has got “to” Thinck Up a “”Test””that whil Enaybul us to smoak themb Out!!!!

Our Commasar she hadded a reel Smart idear,, iff we thinck somb boddy thay mite of Voated for Trumpt we shood tye themb Up and throe themb into the Kampis Swimbing Pool and if thay flot then “that” meens thay “Are” Biggit Hater Wite Souprembacysts and then we “Can” has themb Kicked Out “of” Collidge becose yiu Cant has Truoe Dyvercity and Socile Jutstus unlest evry boddy thay Are Awl The Saime!!!!!!!

Nhow the frist thing we gots to doo is,, we has to Thinck Up a Slowgan!!! Yiu kneed a Slowgan so evry boddy “thay whil” Under Stanned wat we has got To Do!! Mayby we cood has a Context to pic the wining Slowgan!!!! I wood lyke “it” to-be No Moar Bad Thawts Aloud!!!!!” it has a wring to it!

Then we “can” get ridd “Of” evry boddy whoos Thawts doughnt Come Out Rihght!!!!!

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  1. Actually, I wouldn’t mind seeing Joe and his buddies being turned over to a vat full of arthropods.

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