‘So Noah Had a Cell Phone?’ (2018)

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Who you gonna call?

Just in case you thought only Western scientists get really silly, here’s some stiff competition from Turkey, University of Istanbul, via public television.

So Noah Had a Cell Phone?

Even if you grant that everything the guy said was possible–where’s his evidence? Has he got a display case full of prehistoric cell phones? Any steel left over from 4 or 5,000 B.C.?

But if it’s teaching us nothing else, our current era teaches this: “So who needs evidence?”

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    1. For certain. The things we are seeing are much bigger than just a few corrupt politicians or some fringe cases. This is happening everywhere, and that, in and of itself, tells the tale.

  1. These days, people should be wary of renting an apartment on the Plains of Megiddo. There may be a lot of noisy traffic soon.

    As for the cell phones, I assume the Ark had nuclear generators in the hold, for recharging them? Solar panels wouldn’t have done much good in that weather.

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