A Blog Milestone (But Where Is Everybody?)

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WordPress tells me that today I have blogged for 2,400 days in a row (“He must be crazy”). Lou Gehrig played 2,130 baseball games in a row; Cal Ripken, 2,632. But baseball is harder than blogging.

Anyway, I suppose 2,400 days in a row is something to be thankful for. But it’s frustrating and mystifying to see the low viewership numbers I’ve had since Jan. 17. Up until that point, I was flying high. But on the 17th someone or something shot me right out of the sky, and I haven’t been able to recover. If there were only something I could do about it…

But there you have it–2,400 consecutive days. Horatio the Life Coach Jumping Spider says I should eat more bugs. Thanks, dude. (I don’t know… Even if it worked… bugs! Feh!)

Astonishing philosophical reflection: If Violet Crepuscular were a real person, would I be fictional?

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  1. I don’t know what to make of your traffic drop. It may be related to some change in social media, Google ranking or something else. That is one area of the Internet about which I know very little.

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