Kowabunga! We’ve Got Snow!

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Actually what we’ve got is two or three years’ worth of snow packed into a single snowstorm. This ain’t supposed to let up till tomorrow.

My wife thinks it might wind up setting a record, but that’d take some doing. I remember one snowstorm in which I had to put on my waders to go outside. Even then, it was up to my hips. And then for some reason, on my way around to the back of our building, I slipped and fell. And forsooth–I couldn’t get up! The snow was too deep, I couldn’t get any purchase. And I wondered, “Yipes, are they gonna find my skeleton here, come spring?”

So records are hard to come by; and in the meantime, I’m just going to enjoy watching the snow come down, and revel in not having to go to any stores. Finish up the blogging, smoke a cigar, watch a movie… I need a rest.

6 comments on “Kowabunga! We’ve Got Snow!

    1. It wasn’t a drift. The drifts were much deeper.
      I just kept trying and trying to get up, and eventually I made it. Wasn’t easy!

    2. Now I’m trying to picture the snow angel you must have made in your efforts. 🙂

  1. You were blessed to finally get up. I have a friend here whose brother fell like that and didn’t get up until someone came and pulled him out. To this day, he is in a care facility, so damaged he can’t leave there.

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