CDC Now Calls for Double Face Masks

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Here you go–three face masks! Wanna try for four?

All right, all right already–hear now the nooze.

The CDC now wants us to wear two face masks, maybe even three, and has called for another “Mandate” forbidding travel on planes, buses, etc. unless you’ve got two face masks. Whatever (

You know what this is? It’s that creepy hyper-humanist ideology that insists that The Smartest People In The World can solve every problem, overcome every obstacle, as long as they’re given enough power to order everybody else’s lives. Yup–there’s no such thing as a crisis they can’t manage.

They’re treating King COVID as the deadliest disease in history, when obviously it isn’t, and we don’t know why. They also treat it as a problem they can solve, although so far all of their “solutions” are noteworthy for not working.

How long do we have to put up with this?

3 comments on “CDC Now Calls for Double Face Masks

  1. We shouldn’t be surprised at this. If they think they can “fix” the climate, then what should ever be beyond them, eh? If only they could understand how miserably stupid and retarded they look to normal people. I guess that is too much to ask.

  2. So far I’ve only seen one fool wearing a double mask the very day after that stupid little creep Fauci came out saying that we ought to. I’m sure we’ll see more as time goes on. I might just quit my job if they try to force me to wear two masks.
    If three, why not four? If four, why not ten? If ten, why not a hundred? The madness never ends. They are trying to break us so that we’ll come crying and begging to them for relief.

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