The Rotten Heart of Hyper-Humanism

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They’re trying to scare us to death with The Omicron Variant (by Robert Ludlum?)… and is it really too late for them to snatch our Christmas from us?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! Dude, you don’t understand the threats we face! At any minute it could all go up in smoke! All those COVID variants, past, present, and yet to come! Climate Change! The Jan. 6 Insurrection! Oh there’s just no end to it!

Ah, but–Government to the rescue! Big government. Really, really big.

This is what normal people don’t understand about hyper-humanism. Hyper-humanists genuinely, passionately believe that they should be gods (because the real one doesn’t exist, blah-blah) and that they, as gods, must control everything. Must and can. Everything.

Give them enough power, enough money, enough Science, and they will protect us from anything that might harm us. The sun’s heat output, or shortfall thereof. Volcanoes. Ocean currents. Continental drift. And that’s just for starters, that’s just warmups. They’re also going to wipe out war, poverty, disease, inequality (?? what do they even mean by that?), and eventually… death itself. Immortality for everyone who gets himself uploaded into a computer.

And at the very heart of it, the insatiable lust for power over others. And if COVID can get it for them, they’ll keep COVID around forever. They control us with fear, so they have to reserve stuff for us to be afraid of. So we cling to their skirts and weep into their aprons. Watch for Systemic Racism to be around forever, too. “With just a little more power, we can beat it!” We’ve already heard them say these things.

Smite them, O God. Amen.

The Masks Are Back (*sigh)

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I happened to be outside when St. Francis School, across the street, dismissed its pupils for the day.

All the kids were wearing masks. The masks are back.

This is not normal life, to wear a mask all day. I have just read a teacher lamenting that he never sees his students’ faces anymore. Seeing each others’ faces is an important part of natural human communication. Our “leaders” have mandated it out of our lives.

King COVID rules, and his henchmen demand–and mostly get–extraordinary power over our lives. And there’s no indication of how long this will go on, how long we’re expected to put up with it. You never run out of germs, you know. And now we never run out of mandates.

Hyper-humanism declares that there’s nothing government cannot do, if we give it enough power and great dripping chunks of our money. Once the new system’s up and running, no one will get sick. Although if they do, it can only be because someone, somewhere, disobeyed a mandate. Can’t have that, can we? More power, more power! And eventually we grow the government to the point where nothing bad can never happen anymore.

This is madness. This is heathen madness.

Australia: More COVID Madness

A sign outside Wellcamp Airport

“Hello Mudda, hello Fadda, here I am in Camp Stunata…”

Australia, it seems, has stopped being a free country.

The government of New South Wales has announced it will permit one additional hour of outdoor recreation (that would bring the total to two hours) “as long as all adults in the household are fully vaccinated” (

“Singles bubbles” will still be required. But if you do live alone, you’ll be allowed to “nominate” one family member, or friend, to visit you.

Is this living?

And in Queensland, the government has announced plans to set up a quarantine camp with a 1,000-bed capacity for “involuntary quarantine” for persons who have tested positive for COVID.

What are they shooting for? A disease-free environment? That’s not possible. “Zero COVID”? That’s not possible, either. A lifestyle, in the words of one commenter, “where you live from shot to shot?”

When do people get their freedom back? When does the “all clear” whistle sound? It’s beginning to look like “never.”

Obedience Training for Adult Humans

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According to the ideology of hyper-humanism, government can create a risk-free, trouble-free, paradise of a world if only it’s given enough power–lots and lots and lots of power–and human beings obey that power… one way or another, heh-heh.

So it makes sense to teach adults a habit of obedience, as if they were toddlers or dogs. Adults get ideas above their station. They think they can live their lives without government telling them how to live. Tarnation! We’ll never get paradise if people don’t obey the government!

Now, according to a confidential source who is not to be relied on for a minute, the whole COVID-19 pandemic was designed as “a course in obedience” for the entire adult human population. The idea is, obey or the virus’ll kill ya. Obey no matter how big a hardship it is–lose your job, lose your business, lose Christmas with your family, wear a mask all the time, wear two masks, endure that jackanapes Fauci on your TV screen and pretend you believe him… All that hard and annoying stuff. Of course it’s not going to do you any good. The whole idea is to teach you to obey.

Just like if you were a dog.

So, sure, the nasty virus does really exist, they did take the trouble to brew it up in the lab and let it get loose, and heaven help you if you’re a patient in a nursing home and a COVID case comes in–

But like the man said, never let a good crisis go to waste!

After all, we believe that sinners and fools can create a government that’s neither sinful nor foolish… don’t we?

Hyper-Humanism: Deadly!

Collaboration is key for science research - UQ News - The University of  Queensland, Australia

There is a weird ideology on the loose that’s responsible for many of our troubles–a form of “Ye shall be as gods” which I call hyper-humanism.

Its message: With The Smartest People In The World in charge of everything, nothing bad can ever happen to anybody. Unless, of course, some Enemy of the People doesn’t do his job. Or stoops to some newfangled crime like Climate Change Denial or Misgendering. And if something bad does happen, it’s probably because our rulers haven’t yet been given enough power over us.

The priesthood of this pseudo-religion is a mish-mosh of scientists, noozies, entertainers, and assorted celebrities great and small–with Far Left Crazy politicians firmly seated at the very top of the pyramid.

Denying God, they assign a kind of godhood to themselves. They believe they can do everything that God failed to do, forgot to do, or didn’t do because He doesn’t exist. Just stay frosty while they go about breaking eggs–and if you’re one of those eggs, well, too bad–until they’ve made the world’s greatest omelet ever. Presto! No more war, no more disease, no more inequality! No more bad anything. Man is perfectible by man.

Which is not true; but as many have observed, truth is not a Far Left value.

It’s going to be hard for good things to happen to us as long as we believe such foolishness.

My Newswithviews Column, Feb. 4 (‘How Crazy Is It Going to Get?’)

See the source image

Once you understand the ideology, everything makes sense.

The Smartest People In The World can solve absolutely any problem, overcome any obstacle, as long as we give them enough power to micro-manage our lives. That’s all there is to that ideology. Hyper-humanism in a nutshell.

How Crazy Is It Going to Get?

This is the ideology behind all those crazy things that happen. This is how public servants become the public’s masters.

May God’s justice swiftly overtake them.

CDC Now Calls for Double Face Masks

Woman Wearing Multiple Face Masks Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free  Image. Image 140351129.

Here you go–three face masks! Wanna try for four?

All right, all right already–hear now the nooze.

The CDC now wants us to wear two face masks, maybe even three, and has called for another “Mandate” forbidding travel on planes, buses, etc. unless you’ve got two face masks. Whatever (

You know what this is? It’s that creepy hyper-humanist ideology that insists that The Smartest People In The World can solve every problem, overcome every obstacle, as long as they’re given enough power to order everybody else’s lives. Yup–there’s no such thing as a crisis they can’t manage.

They’re treating King COVID as the deadliest disease in history, when obviously it isn’t, and we don’t know why. They also treat it as a problem they can solve, although so far all of their “solutions” are noteworthy for not working.

How long do we have to put up with this?

‘Damned If They Do, damned If They Don’t’ (2017)

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Some years ago, a bunch of Italian scientists got sent to prison for failing to predict an earthquake.

Damned if They Do, Damned if They Don’t

I’m sure they would’ve gotten in just as much trouble if they had predicted an earthquake and it never happened–town evacuated, looters have a field day. etc.

This is what happens when your country, like Italy, sets up a National Commission for the Forecast and Prevention of Major Risks. Once you’ve got the plebs paying you to play God, you find out it’s not such an easy gig!

But you’re stuck with it, sunshine–because that’s humanist ideology: with The Smartest People In The World in charge of everything, nothing can ever go wrong! Unless, of course, some bad egg doesn’t do his job, or actively subverts Incredibly Smart Policies.

Can you blame Him for being mad at us?

They’ll Be as Gods, All Right

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(Thanks to my wife, Patty, and my editor, Susan, for a most stimulating conversation this morning.)

When the Emperor Caligula declared himself a god, he scared the living dickens out of all Rome for a while, until they’d had enough of it, and killed him.

But that was then, and this is now. Our age is infested with Caligulas, all professing to be gods. Not being as honestly daft as Caligula was, they use euphemisms. Experts. Scientists. Officials Who Listen To The Science. Their creed is captured in The Humanist Manifesto II: “Using technology wisely…” we can do jolly well anything. There ain’t no God, sweet-cheeks–but you’ve got us (!) to micromanage your world for you, and that’s better than Old Whatsisname!

Oh, they want their global government so bad, they can damned near taste it! They thought they had it, practically in the palm of their hands, one more election, one more little tiny bridge to cross–and then those racist-biggit-whitesupremacist-bitterclinger deplorables went and ruined the whole freakin’ thing by electing Donald Trump instead of the globalist gal, Hillary Clinton. Those wretched American people! They stole the election!

And then along comes the Gosh-I-Don’t-Know-Where-That-Came-From Virus (Dem-speak for the Chinese Wuhan Communist Death Virus from China), and that’s a challenge, don’t you know. If you’re gonna sit in God’s chair, you gotta meet God’s challenges.

Problem: Our anti-Christian ruling class, our globalist citizen-of-the-world ruling class, doesn’t much like us–well, all right: they hate us–and doesn’t much care if millions of us die (human sacrifices to Mother Gaea); still, they’ve got to put on a show. They’ve got to Do Something. So they’ll shut down our economy and try to keep it shut down until there’s no more disease.

Why didn’t they ever do this before, when there was a big pandemic raging? Why didn’t they do it in 1918?

Because, my wife said, because now they can! Now they’ve got the technology. Even more importantly, says I, they’ve got the ideology. It took a hundred years for the hubris to grow to this colossal size. A hundred years of rejecting God our Maker and our Judge. And now, Susan put in, they’ve got the religion for it. And it’s no religion you’re going to find in the Bible.

Make no mistake about it. Our globalist ruling class means not to serve us but to rule us, and to rule us hard, with a rod of iron. Once they get us down, they won’t let us up again.

We appeal to the God of the Book of Judges, who delivered Israel time and again from his enemies.

Tell-Tale Signs of Humanist Folly

Why is democracy better than Plato's philosopher King? - Quora

Some say the total fiasco resulting in the coronavirus pandemic is proof that globalism is not only a failure, but never could have been anything but a failure. I think that’s true.

But globalism is hyper-humanism’s holy grail, and they’re not about to quit on it.

Here are four signals that will tell you that you’re reading or talking to a hyper-humanist.

*Insisting that there is no God, hyper-humanists are more than eager to take on God’s job. They give themselves away by revealing their dogma that perfection can and will be achieved by… well, them. Imperfect human beings. They will create technology, societies, and political systems that are better, wiser, and more efficient than they are themselves. In their view, God couldn’t do it (because He doesn’t exist), but they will.

*Failed systems like communism and socialism won’t fail, no way, if they’re in charge! All those other poor saps in all those other countries all over the world–they just didn’t do it right. “But we will!”

*Because everything’s supposed to go right when The Smartest People In The World are in charge, if ever something goes wrong, it must be someone’s fault. Somebody let down the side. Some nay-sayer, biggit, hater, xenophobe, racist, trans-phobic deplorable must have screwed up somewhere. Probably on purpose.

*Everything “old” is useless and “on the wrong side of history.” Old stuff like Christianity, marriage, the family, nations, free enterprise: stuff like that. Everything “new,” that The Smartest People In The World just made up a few weeks ago–like 50 different “genders,” or, God forbid, a robot-controlled “social credit system” like they have in Red China’s workers’ paradise–that’s all good. That’s all on the right side of history.

Even one of these tell-tale signs, if you can spot it, should absolutely disqualify the writer or speaker from ever holding any public office or other position of responsibility.

Get these people out of power, and keep them out, before they come up with another pandemic. We probably don’t need philosophers and probably don’t need kings; but philosopher-kings are no use at all. And dangerous if swallowed.