‘The Church in the Wildwood’

There used to be unpretentious little churches in my neighborhood. Of course there aren’t, anymore. But this old-fashioned hymn brings them back to me–The Church in the Wildwood, sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

4 comments on “‘The Church in the Wildwood’

  1. This always reminds me of the little church a few miles from my childhood home. We attended there often. The one in this picture is very similar. Nice song, too..

  2. I felt like I should get up and march around to this one, and it was timely because I had just watched the video of a NewsMax show that shut Mike Lindel down because he wanted to talk about the latest voter fraud by the machines he has knowledge of. Mike Kelly and Chris Salcedo are good shows on Newsmax, but the rest are a big disappointment.

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