Bernie’s Mittens = ‘White Privilege’

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[Thanks to my chess buddy, “WannaBe,” for the nooze tip.]

At first glance, this nooze item is merely silly and trivial. But look again: it’s a symptom of the disease that’s killing our culture.

Senator Bernie Sanders, attending the inauguration of, ahem, “President” Joe Biden, found the weather very cold that day, so he wore a thick coat… and mittens. Like, instead of a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. This innocent and sensible choice of apparel won him a public condemnation by a San Francisco public high school “teacher,” published as an op ed in the San Francisco Chronicle and was used for fund-raising for an assortment of idiotic leftid causes.

The so-called teacher said the image of Bernie in his cold weather gear “epitomize(s) white privilege”–indeed, “white privilege, male privilege, and class privilege.”

We send our kids to public schools to be “taught” by Far Left idiots because ______________. Fill in the blank. I dare you.

No sympathy for Bernie, though! He’s spent years feeding this beast, and now it’s bitten him in the tuchas.

But now we have people picking fights for truly absurd non-reasons, freaking themselves out with imaginary grievances, infecting our institutions with their bitter follies, force-feeding it to children and college students–the whole Far Left Crazy taking the country on a thrill ride to disaster. And no one has thought of any effective way to stop it.

How does dressing warmly in cold weather make you a Racist?

We can only pray these wackos wind up devouring each other.

7 comments on “Bernie’s Mittens = ‘White Privilege’

  1. Patterned mittens are male privilege? I know many males who wouldn’t be caught dead in fancy-schmancy mittens. (And I wouldn’t call them classy, either — but what do I know? I’m just a slum kid from the South Bronx.) 🙂

    But it really doesn’t matter. What are you going to believe, the woke narrative or your lying eyes?

    1. Pardon my sloppy pronoun referents. By “them,” I was referring to the mittens, not to my male friends who wouldn’t wear such mittens. Although come to think of it…. 🙂

  2. filling in the blank – they, too are thoroughly brainwashed. So much so that the brain is almost gone.

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