Seeing How Far They Can Go

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Plutarch tells us of a king of Sparta who enacted a lot of silly and exasperating laws–to teach his people, he explained, a habit of obedience.

Is this what’s being done to us?

No singing allowed! No cheering. Double face masks. Triple face masks! No Christmas, no Thanksgiving, no buying seeds or paint–no talking allowed in the supermarket! All of these and more have been imposed upon the people in what used to be called the Free World.


“Because COVID!” That’s the universal reason. Not that they’ve given up on Climate Change, but COVID has pulled far ahead of that.

But what if COVID’s not the reason? What if the whole idea is to prepare us for The Great Reset by teaching us a habit of unquestioning obedience?

What if they’re just trying to see how far they can go with provoking, exasperating, and confusing us? Keep going until they reach some undefined end point? If there even is an end.

Their assumption is that God can’t stop them.

But I think He can.

8 comments on “Seeing How Far They Can Go

  1. Absolutely. There is no doubt about it. He can, and He will. We just don’t know how far He will allow this to proceed. He allows people to receive what they deserve, and He is waiting for people to turn around, begin to obey His commands. We know, reading Scripture, that it is going to get much worse before He returns to fix it all. We just have to hold fast, trust, and do all we can to see that the lost get the word and as many as possible come into His kingdom.

    1. I have heard, anecdotally, that there is a resurge of interest in bible-based church groups. As hard as these political events are to watch, they may be serving a much greater purpose.

  2. I think that is true. Right now, many unbelievers are confused, stressed and searching for anyone who has the answers to this mess. We are to be the light and salt. It is urgent that we get to work now.

    1. People had place immense trust in human leaders, and are now waking up to the fact that there is more going on here than can be dealt with in the human realm.

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