‘Build Back Better,’ Eh?

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Somehow that “Great Reset” slogan rubbed people the wrong way, so the self-anointed elites don’t say it anymore. Their new buzzword is “Build back better!” Like King COVID has given them the chance to scrap all that messy freedom stuff and create a statist utopia… with no more germs in it.

And I got to wondering, “Where have I heard this before?”

In the Bible, Isaiah Chapter 9. God has just warned the tribe of Ephraim and the city of Samaria that He is highly displeased with them and is going to make them feel it. But do they listen?

Verse 10: Ephraim and Samaria, “who say with pride and arrogance of heart, The bricks are fallen down, but we will build with hewn stones: the sycomores are cut down, but we will change them into cedars.”

You gonna punish us, God? Huh? Well, go ahead–and we’ll just build back better!

This is generally the kind of thing that precedes total ruin. This is the pride that goeth before a fall.

Too many of our leaders have no fear of God.

That’s how we wind up being governed by fools.

Seeing How Far They Can Go

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Plutarch tells us of a king of Sparta who enacted a lot of silly and exasperating laws–to teach his people, he explained, a habit of obedience.

Is this what’s being done to us?

No singing allowed! No cheering. Double face masks. Triple face masks! No Christmas, no Thanksgiving, no buying seeds or paint–no talking allowed in the supermarket! All of these and more have been imposed upon the people in what used to be called the Free World.


“Because COVID!” That’s the universal reason. Not that they’ve given up on Climate Change, but COVID has pulled far ahead of that.

But what if COVID’s not the reason? What if the whole idea is to prepare us for The Great Reset by teaching us a habit of unquestioning obedience?

What if they’re just trying to see how far they can go with provoking, exasperating, and confusing us? Keep going until they reach some undefined end point? If there even is an end.

Their assumption is that God can’t stop them.

But I think He can.

Are You Enjoying the…uh… Pandemic?

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I had a horrible thought yesterday, as I watched people pass up and down the sidewalk with their face masks on.

Does anybody out there like all this pandemic schiff?

Globalists are crowing about some ” Great Reset” they can subject us to–and I do mean “subject,” as in “Bye-bye citizens, hello subjects.” We didn’t want to be King George III’s subjects. Are we willing to be George Soros’? Bill and Melinda Gates’?

Look at all those vultures out there, waiting for our liberty to die. Obama. Kerry. Gore. All those faceless schemers over there in Europe.

And we wear face masks to walk our dogs?

They want to lock down our Thanksgiving, blot out our Christmas. They’ve got it all lined up for next year, too. When have they ever not moved the goalposts as soon as we got close? Over and over and over again! And we let them do it, and they have no fear of us; and when we catch Gavin Newsom enjoying a big-bucks birthday bash without face masks, without social distancing, even as he lays down the law to stifle our holidays… well, we just let him giggle it off, didn’t we?

Are we enjoying this? Does putting the mask over your nose and mouth inject a note of drama into life? Does it make us feel like we’re actually being virtuous and good?

Are we out of our freakin’ minds?

Meanwhile, they just stole a presidential election so they can impose on us a gaggle of Far Left Crazies headed by a dotard who needs a very brave food-taster–and this bunch is already bragging about what they’re gonna do to us next year.

These people with their Great Reset and their lockdowns are not our friends. They are predators, whose prey is… us!

We pray the Lord will cut them down.