When the Phone Rings at Midnight… and It’s an Idiot

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So it’s midnight last night; we’ve turned the lights out, topped off the cat food, and are about to go upstairs to bed… when the phone rings.

Now, what does it mean when the phone rings at midnight? Someone in your family has died! Or been grossly injured in an accident. Nothing good, that’s for sure. So I pick up the phone.

And it’s our town’s mayor, to tell us that it’s gonna snow tomorrow. This spawn of Cthulhu called us up at twelve o’clock at night to tell us that.

Just what you don’t need–a shot of adrenalin at bedtime.

Yeah, all right–it’s snowing right now. Coming down pretty good. But to send out a robo-call at midnight–you didn’t think the nimrod was sitting at the phone himself, did you?–is just not decent.

We are governed by idiots, and we don’t know how to get rid of them.

4 comments on “When the Phone Rings at Midnight… and It’s an Idiot

  1. Yikes! You should call the mayor at midnight to complain. Oh, I woke up to -33º this morning! Not as much snow as you though. I think I would prefer the snow.

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