Now They Brag About Their Crime

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My friend the homicide detective has always said a great number of serious crimes are solved not by detective work, but simply by the criminals’ inability to keep their mouths shut. “They can’t help it,” he says. “They’ve just got to tell somebody how smart they were. And then that somebody tells us.”

Time Magazine’s Feb. 15 cover story brags about how “a cabal” of rich and powerful people–in Big Business, Big Labor, Big Tech, the nooze media, and politics–“conspired” to rig the 2020 election and commit massive fraud ( The Federalist’s Joy Pullman has written an article analyzing this crime.

You want hubris? The Time article is entitled “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” Saved it? Saved it? With a “shadow campaign”? How much more of that are we expected to tolerate?

And they did it, she says, “to save democracy.” As in “We had to destroy this village in order to save it.”

For the first time ever, some 160 million mail-in ballots were included in the election results, without any effort to ensure quality control. The plotters also made sure “to control the information”–in which our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. were indispensable. “To control the information” means… to lie.

Heaping up the hubris, they now feel free to brag about their crime.

Someone must have convinced them that if your crime is big enough, our law enforcement institutions simply throw up their hands and let it slide.

No one has ever committed a bigger crime against America.

No one has been punished for it.

May righteous God avenge us.


9 comments on “Now They Brag About Their Crime

  1. Well, as if we are surprised about this. It is a bit surprising that they would be bragging so soon. If everyone felt and thought about it as many people I know, I would advise them to shut up or pack up and get ready to run.

  2. Criminals can’t resist bragging about their crimes. There is a second video our now called “Unmasked” that presents even more proof of election fraud. Our Supreme Court will have to look at all the evidence, it is just a matter of time.

  3. “to save democracy”, what a joke. They are not interested in saving anything. They are only interested in empowering themselves and ensuring no one ever threatens that power ever again. We no longer have a government that represents the people, but a government that only cares about representing itself. They will gladly sell America out to the highest bidder as long as it enriches themselves in the process.

    In the late 19th century the tycoons Rockefeller, Carnegie, and J. P. Morgan joined forces to buy the presidency and they succeeded. They were very rich and power and controlled the newspapers. How is this any different? Except now they didn’t buy it, they straight cheated and broke laws to do. It’s amazing they can justify their actions, but then every tyrant will justify their evils.

    This impeachment sham is about punishing Trump and his supporters for ever daring to challenge the status quo and question the election results. Even though Democrats have challenged the certification of Republican presidents for the past two decades. I’ve never seen a lot more deserving of judgment and I’m praying for divine justice as well.

    1. It’s the kind of thing you read about in ancient or medieval history, things people did before they were sophisticated like us: things that nowadays only get done in Third World hell-holes. That it should happen here is both farce and tragedy.

  4. What I find sickening is that they know they can get away with bragging about what they’ve done and no one can do anything to call them on it — or prevent them from doing it again.

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