‘You Just Can’t Get Racism Out of the Democrat Party’ (2017)

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No matter how far left they go, Democrats can’t shed their obsession with race. You’d think they believe racial strife is a good thing and that they ought to foment more of it.

You Just Can’t Get Racism Out of the Democrat Party

First they defended slavery, then they opposed Reconstruction, then they imposed segregation and Jim Crow–yes, that’s the Democrats’ record–and now they say they want to “shut down white people.” Is there anyone they don’t hate? Anyone they don’t want to shut down?

I refuse to believe the American people actually elected these swine who hate our country.

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    1. Just another thought–the last time I voted third party (Ross Perot), my reward for that was eight years of Bill Clinton. That permanently put me off third parties. Never again.

  1. I’ve voted third party a few times, when it seemed to me that the party I usually voted for had put up a candidate who would do everything the other party wanted anyway, and I wanted to make a statement that I wasn’t owned by a party, that they’d have to differentiate themselves from the other party in order to get my vote again. Of course my chosen third-party candidate always lost, but since I didn’t expect anything from the main parties anyway, it didn’t much matter.

    Oh, and I think I’ve mentioned that once I voted for a no-party candidate, when I wrote in Gil Hodges during a truly awful New York City mayoral election.

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