I picked out this lovely hymn for us today–Redeemed, performed by the kids at Fountainview Academy. Never heard it before.

And there’s hardly anybody here this morning…

5 comments on “‘Redeemed’

  1. Lovely! What wonderful kids.

    I don’t know where everyone else has been today, but I’ve been out all morning getting groceries ahead of the next round of snow that’s been predicted, along with sub-zero temperatures. Mostly, of course, I had to make sure I had plenty of cat food. Priorities, priorities. 🙂 Anyway, now I’m trying to catch up on the (seemingly) 5,329 emails that backed up between last night and my return from shopping this morning.

  2. This is a wonderful hymn, and our church performs it occasionally. As for snow, we are mostly plagued by below freezing temps instead of more snow. brrrr

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