‘When an Accusation’s All It Takes’ (2017)

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This experience left me with an unshakeable distrust of “authority.”

When an Accusation’s All It Takes

Of course, this has been greatly refined at the highest echelons of public life. It’s so much simpler up there: leftists can do no wrong, and conservatives can do no right. Evidence? Don’t make me laugh! We don’t need no stinkin’ evidence! So conservatives get railroaded, but when it comes to massive election fraud for the benefit of Democrats, the courts won’t even look at the evidence. Take it away, we don’t wanna see it!

Once you experience it for yourself, you don’t forget it.

8 comments on “‘When an Accusation’s All It Takes’ (2017)

  1. It’s interesting, because a friend and I were discussing this sort of thing, just last night. There are some acts which seem to include the presumption of guilt, merely by accusation. It amounts to a reversal of British Common Law, and innocent until proven guilty is forgotten. If you step back, a bit, this is really a sign of a civilization in steep decline.

  2. It’s not the accusation, it’s the mindset of those who received it. Such idiocy only began to be of use when those in charge lost all ability to reason objectively and responded according to the current politically correct viewpoint.

    1. Exactly. I’ve been watching this take shape for decades. Outrage has replaced reason, and a witch hunt mentality has taken hold. Hatred of the crime has now become hatred of the accused, and proof of guilt is no longer required. As a civilization, we are on the skids.

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