Should You Spray Your Hair with Gorilla Glue?

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Uh… I’m guessing “no.”

But that’s just me. A young woman in Louisiana recently ran out of her regular hairspray and sprayed her hair with Gorilla Glue instead–with rather distressing, but not unexpected, results. So she thinks she’s gonna sue Gorilla Glue for not warning people not to use it as hairspray ( The label does say not to use it on skin or eyes, but no one thought to warn users off using Gorilla Glue as hairspray.

Probably shouldn’t use it as any part of sex play, either. Betcha the warning label doesn’t mention that.

You wonder why companies have to adorn their products with what appear to be purely ridiculous warning labels. Do Not Operate Chain Saw in Bed. Remove Sun Shield Before Driving.

Well, we see what happens when they don’t post those warnings. They get sued. Somebody does something really dumb and the company gets sued.

The woman with the glue in her hair had to go to the emergency room. We are not told whether the hospital staff was able to solve her problem.

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    1. Why would you ever keep your Gorilla Glue in the medicine cabinet or on top of the toilet, alongside your hairspray? There are some inexplicable nuances to this story.

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