College to Offer ‘Antiracism Badges’

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Don’t think that sending your sons and daughters to a Catholic college will protect them from being force-fed a diet of academic Far Left idiocy.

Spalding Looniversity, in Kentucky, plans to award “Antiracism badges” to students who complete a… I guess it’s a course, entitled “Restorative Practices for the Antiracist Journey” (, and is supposed to teach “cultural humility and restorative practices,” whatever that means. It has a nasty odor to it.

Depending on how well they absorb the indoctrination, students will be eligible for three “tiers” of badges–Bronze, Silver, and Ebony. (You thought they were going to say “and Gold,” didn’t you? No such luck!)

Leftids–and almost all academics are leftids anymore, sharing a hive mind–continue to taint everything with their obsessive focus on race.

They’re marketing this course online, in case the students actually detained there don’t sign up for it.

We will never get the illegitimate government we have now to defund the universities, so the only thing left for normal people to do is to pull their children out of there, pronto, and stop paying tuition.

Can you really picture–maybe I should say, do you really want to picture–a lot of brain-dead students flaunting their Antiracism badges? It’s “cultural humility”! Hate yourself for being white. Humility is one thing. Virtue signalling is quite another.

It is a sin to sow hate and discord among people who would ordinarily be at peace with one another.

Liberalism–it’s Satan’s favorite poison.

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