See? We Told You They’re Crazy

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A “god” of… what?

Ooh-ooh! We can turn off Global Warming!

All we’ve got to do is dim the sun!

Drawing a paycheck from the New York Times gives you a license to babble. So we have the Times’ Ezra Klein–no known expertise in anything–babbling about how we’ve got to “dim the bleeping sun” and face up to the risks of God knows what catastrophe… to stave off Climate Change, blah-blah (

What does he mean, “dim the sun”?

This idea has been floating around for a few years. They want to fill the atmosphere with tiny particles (allegedly harmless calcium carbonate) to reflect sunlight before it can heat the surface of the planet.

All sorts of people are pleading that this not be done–because no one knows what the effects will be. Proponents are talking about screwing around with enormous natural forces, infinitely complicated, that no one fully understands. What could possibly go wrong?

Klein quotes another birdbrain: “We are as gods, and might as well get good at it.” Yowsah. We’ve been pretty shabby gods so far. Gotta improve. And we will, we will! Because these plans are being hatched by “very, very smart people.”

And guess what! Bill Gates is on board with dimming the sun! You know, Bill Gates–the billionaire who says there are too many people in the world and the population has to be cut way back. It seems a wise policy to be against anything Bill Gates is for.

Mr. Klein and his playmates think they’re cut out to be gods.

But they should stick to what they’re really good at–being fools.

10 comments on “See? We Told You They’re Crazy

  1. Oh goody, dim the sun, reduce plant-sustaining and oxygen-producing photosynthesis, increase demand for energy to heat colder regions, reduce vitamin D intake, kill off heat-dependent flora and fauna — yes indeed, what a boon this will be!

  2. Isn’t this brilliant. They will work for years, study(?) and teach, etc. etc. in their vain and sorrowful effort to dethrone the God who created all this, and pretend He does not exist so they can “take over” and run everything. Hah! good luck with that, fools.

    1. That’s pretty much where my thoughts are on the matter, as well. If you get to the root of all this, it really comes down to one’s view of how our world came to be. If we believe in the Bible and that the Sovereign of the Universe created the earth, we can be confident that He will provide. Also, believing that there was a global flood demonstrates that God can control natural forces to His ends.

      The flip side of this is to attempt to alter creation. The satanic aspect of this strikes me as being quite real and immediate. Satan apparently hates mankind and seeks to destroy us. Obviously, he is trying anything to accomplish that end goal.

      The prophecy of Ezekiel 38 comes to mind. God tells Ezekiel that the nations will learn that He is the True God. Some, myself included, believe that this is literally an attack on the nation of Israel, which was gathered in an unbelieving state, but will be saved by the direct action of the Creator, when literally attacked. Others believe that this is symbolic and describes an attack on all believers, globally. No matter which of these one believes, the outcome is the same; God will vindicate Himself and make known His sovereignty.

  3. That’s about as a good idea as blowing up the moon. There seems to be a type of insanity that occurs in the human soul when they try to replace God with themselves. It ultimately leads to self-destruction.

    1. Blowing up the moon–holy cow! I heard about that when I was a little boy, and it scared me silly. I think I’ll discuss this in a new post.

  4. Sounds like a great idea. When Mt. Tambora erupted in 1815, it caused a ‘Year without summer’. The eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 also caused massive environmental change. If change is what they’re after, they’ll certainly get it.
    They want to talk about manmade climate change; purposely manipulating the climate is the very definition of that.
    Apparently NASA has altered the weather graphs for 1918, which was an unusually hot year, so that they now record it as being quite a bit colder than it actually was. They want what they want, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get it. All we can do is speak out against it and trust God.

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