‘Jail for “Climate Change Deniers”–the Ball’s Already Rolling’ (2016)

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Back in 2016, seventeen state attorneys general, all Democrats, were campaigning to have it declared a crime to disbelieve in Man-Made Climbit Change.

Jail for ‘Climate Change Deniers’–the Ball’s Already Rolling

Along came Donald Trump to poop their party; but now that the entire ruling class has finally taken him down, now that they’ve stolen our country out from under us–look for this movement to be started up again. They want to make it a crime to hold a particular opinion. If that doesn’t sexually excite liberals, nothing will.

Our leaders, our institutions, and our very laws have failed us. We have nothing left but our prayers, and no one left to defend us but our God.

Keep praying… and see what He does.

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  1. It seems like common sense jumped over the cliff, but actually, I guess it has been seeping away slowly so as not to seem too obvious until it could lure all of us to the cliff’s edge.

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