Georgia Proposes ‘Faith Protection Act’

Irish American governor wins right to shut down Easter church services

Wow. Does this mean Christians will no longer be forced to bake custom cakes for same-sex pseudomarriages? We won’t have to fund other people’s abortions with our money? Won’t have to say we believe in things we don’t believe in, just to keep our jobs?

No. We’re a long way from restoring religious liberty in America.

All this bill says is that the governor of Georgia’s emergency powers may not “specifically limit the practice of any religion” ( But everything will still be done “in accordance with public health guidance”–whatever that turns out to mean.

Gov. Brian Kemp, who was only too happy to see anti-Christian Democrats take his state in the highly suspect, stinkin’-out-loud 2020 election, hailed the bill as creating in Georgia “a sanctuary state for people of faith.”

Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, and you have to start somewhere: it’s better than nothing. But it’s about as close to nothing as you can get. What if “public health guidance” says “Shut down the churches, no worship allowed until further notice”?

Supposedly Mr. Kemp has his eye on the Republican nomination in 2024. I hear he’s also waiting for hell to freeze over.

We need to go a lot farther than this if we want our freedom back.

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  1. “In accordance with health guidelines” means every so-called protection in the law gets cancelled at the whim of some bureaucrat. The law should be called “The My-Fingers-Are-Crossed-Behind-My-Back Act.”

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