Babbling Biden

At around 8:48 into this video, Joe Biden babbles. This is a man who has spent several decades reading cue cards and giving speeches. Now he trips over his own tongue, saying “millstones” for “milestones” and then slipping, momentarily, into gibberish. This is supposedly our president.

Oh! And what’s up with the State of the Union speech? Uh, what State of the Union speech? The one the Constitution says the president shall (meaning “has to”) give “from time to time.” His handlers could compose one for him and pass it on to Congress in writing, sparing China Joe the risk of making a major speech. But no one knows whether there will be any State of the Union speech at all.

In this speech, above, he repeats the extravagant claim that half a million Americans have died of COVID. And no one, not a soul, in our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. ever asks him to prove it. Prove it, Joe! We don’t believe you! We think that figure is all wet. A 98-year-old in a nursing home, suffering from increasingly severe heart disease over the course of ten years, dies–and they chalk it up to COVID.

This is baloney. This is fear porn. Obey all those government mandates and restrictions, or ye shall surely die! Stop living like human beings! Face masks forever! Or at least until there are no more germs in our environment anymore.

This whole business is a national shame that will not easily be washed away.


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