Canceling Mr. Potato Head

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There’s a price on his potato head!

Why do corporations do this–bow and scrape, and grovel, trying to gain the approval of Organized Sodomy?

The latest example is Hasbro, the toy corporation, and one of its longest-running and most successful toys: Mr. Potato Head.

Hasbro has announced that in the interests, as usual, of Inclusiveness and Diversity (can you gimme hallelujah?), it’s going to drop the “Mr.” from Mr. Potato Head and… “let kids create their own types of potato families, including two moms and two dads” ( Barf bag, please.

And in the interests of having it both ways, Hasbro has left the toys themselves virtually unchanged.

Mark Simone says that if anything can kill the Far Left Crazy, it’ll be this absurd fetish of being mortally offended by totally trivial and silly things… like the “gender” of Mr./Mrs./Ms./Fhz. Potato Head. If that’s what gets you cranking, there’s obviously something wrong with you and no one should listen to you anymore.

The whole Woke Idol being cast down, in the end, by Mr. Potato Head…

What a great way to end the story!

10 comments on “Canceling Mr. Potato Head

  1. One of the Daily Wire podcasters — I can’t remember whether it was Matt Walsh or Michael Knowles — suggests that the whole thing was a marketing ploy on Hasbro’s part. In other words, when sales are lagging, just create a controversy surrounding the product, and trust that people who never heard of the product before, or have forgotten about it, will suddenly have it brought to their attention and run out to buy it.

  2. Oh, for goodness sake…it’s a potato head toy. How large a segment of our total population actually gives a rat’s behind about toys portraying “all” genders?

    1. Obviously, only the leftists care enough to make a fuss. There’d be nothing to comment on otherwise.

      But then again, the leftists don’t really care about the toy itself. They just care about finding Causes to act injured and outraged about.

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