Science Sez! Reparations!

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There’s our “reparations,” already paid in full.

Is “science” really science anymore, or just another agglomeration of crapola?

Here’s a–(cough!)–“scientific study” that sez if only “reparations” had been paid to the descendants of persons enslaved in America (but not anywhere else!! America bad!!), it would have “reduced transmission” of the COVID virus… If only “had the nation already closed the racial wealth gap”, yatta-yatta-blah-blah (

Someday liberals will come up with something even more ridiculous and evil than “reparations;” but that day is not today. Meanwhile, we are asked to contemplate, with awe and delight, “the potential health impacts of racial-justice interventions.”

Really–what could be fairer, more just, than to punish people for something that other people did two centuries ago? And what could be more “scientific” than to gulp down unquestioned, untested, a whole pharmacopeia of left-wing assumptions as if they were observable facts of nature?

Wait a minute, I’ve got an idea! Just to see how it goes, force rich white liberals to pay lots and lots of money in reparations–and see if it makes a difference in the Racial Wealth Gap.

We say liberalism and liberal public policies, most notably the destruction of the black family at the hands of the welfare state, is responsible for any “racial wealth gap.” And we ask, “What the devil do you mean by ‘racial justice’? If it’s somehow different from just plain ‘justice,’ then it isn’t really justice, is it?” Hypocrites!

This is just the Racial Grievance & Manipulation Industry at it again, trying to divide and rule. Get people hating and fearing each other, and they might not notice the government is robbing them.

The “rulers” are evil and wrong.

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  1. I was reading through Facebook and someone said if Holocaust victims are still getting reparations from Germany why shouldn’t black people? I replied that it makes sense to give reparations to those who were “directly” affected by the holocaust. But it doesn’t make sense to give reparations to someone who was never a slave and are four plus generations removed from slavery. The only people that should have gotten reparations are the slaves that were freed in 1865, but that time has long passed. Nevertheless, the allure of free money is hard to resist. But there is no reason to believe that any amount of reparations would ever be enough. More and more would be demanded in ever increasing amounts.

  2. Your opening, with the photo of the cemetery for the Civil War dead, says it all.

    But I’m not sure that we’ve yet to see anything “more ridiculous and evil” than the call for reparations. We’ve been seeing the recent nominee for assistant secretary of HHS — someone who claims to be a woman but is obviously a burly man in a dress with a yellow string mop on his head. And everyone is ordered to refer to this person as a woman. Even worse, the feminists, who should be objecting to this mockery of womanhood (cultural appropriation, anyone?), are silent. In these woke days, no one dares to challenge the latest wokery.

    1. I saw video of that hearing, Rand Paul questioning the mutant, who of course refused to answer any questions and just kept spouting the same line of meaningless palaver. And I cannot understand how the United States turned into a Peter Sellers movie.

    2. Yes, “a Peter Sellers movie”! You’ve nailed it in one sentence. 🙂 🙂 (Although I’m not sure why I’m laughing. I should be weeping.)

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