‘Why the Oligarchs Fear Christianity’

China begins to remove crosses from churches across the country

When you say “American Christians,” you’re talking about most of the people who live in America; and by “most” we mean a very large majority.

So why do huge, multi-zillion-dollar corporations always knuckle under to micro-minorities demanding this or that and always support them at the expense of the majority?

Because they’re afraid of Christianity, says Andrew Torba (https://news.gab.com/2021/02/25/why-the-oligarchs-fear-christianity/).

And why are they afraid of Christianity?

Because if Christians ever got together and created their own parallel markets and institutions, the established markets and institutions would suddenly be dis-established–left high and dry and irrelevant. And the best the worldly folk can do is to keep attacking Christians, keep us on the defensive, so we won’t suddenly wake up and realize how strong we could be.

We have no king but Jesus Christ.

Example: Education, or what we laughingly refer to as “education.” What do you suppose would happen to the public schools if tens of millions of Christian children left and never came back? How hard is that to figure out? Or the colleges and universities: what if there were enough Christian colleges for Christian families to send their kids to?

What if there were banks owned and operated by Christians, serving Christians, social media platforms that never censor Christians, cable news shows owned by Christians, etc. etc.? You see the point. All those left-wing-friendly institutions, for most of the people in America, would become irrelevant. They would either have to clean up their act or die.

Don’t look for CNN/MSNBC to clean up their act under any circumstances. They will go under. (Not a dry eye in the house!)

Or, as we like to say on this blog… Starve the beast.

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  1. There are “leaders” within the Christian world who are afraid of Christians also. 500 of them have signed a godless letter condemning Christian Nationalists. They make no mention of Biden funding more and more abortions with our tax dollars, etc. You have to read it to believe what we are up against in trying to reform America and bring her back to the Constitution. https://churchleaders.com/news/391005-open-letter-christian-nationalism.html

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