‘World Government Summit Calls USA “The Enemy”‘ (2018)

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Jesus defend us…

We’re just dyin’ for a global government, ain’t we? It’ll be so wonderful!

But they have to destroy America first–which American libs and leftids are only too eager to do.

World Government Summit Calls USA ‘the Enemy’

What could be worse than having Robert DeNiro talk at you about “science”? (Probably Michael Reiner in 2017 yapping about how Hillary should “take over” the country. Libs can always go you one worse. They never run out of “worse.”)

America makes them rich beyond their wildest dreams, and still they hate America.

Think world government would keep our Bill of Rights?

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  1. Some say the reason the Supreme Court won’t take the election fraud cases is because it would reveal how our CIA has used the Dominion voting machines to throw election in other countries. I say shine the light and tell the truth.

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