‘Social Amnesia”

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R.J. Rushdoony wrote about this back in 1992–“social amnesia,” which is “the loss of the past.” Not knowing who we are, how we got here, where we came from: not knowing anything.


But he also wrote about “deliberate amnesia,” which boils down to denying something ever happened, or at least suppressing enough information about it to create a false and tainted memory.

And look at this! It’s 2021, 29 years later–and have we got deliberate amnesia to spare! We’ve raised a bumper crop.

Example (or rather, “Flagrant Example”): How far can you read into a Newsweek article, or listen to a CNN broadcast, before you read or hear something about “unfounded allegations” about the 2020 election being stolen, bald assertions that the charge is “without evidence”–just slipped into any sentence as if it were a well-known fact that no one but a fool would even attempt to dispute.

Gee, if those charges are so unfounded, so without evidence, then why are you guys so desperate to deny us our day in court? Why do you refuse to hear the evidence? Doesn’t sound to me like confidence in the rightness of your cause.

Politicians, nooze media, Hollywood–all playing with our memory. All trying to create amnesia.

And people who lack any knowledge of history are condemned to a kind of perpetual childhood.


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  1. It’s the Lenin technique of telling a lie often enough and people will believe it – and it works (look at all the people wearing cloth masks that do nothing to prevent Covid-19). Rushdoony also said another serious condition today is “definition” – terms are not defined, just bandied about, like (vomit) social justice.

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