Canceling Dr. Suess

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Last week it was Mr. Potato Head. Whose turn is it this week, to be cancelled?

Dr. Suess!

I have discovered that the only fun that wokies and liberals know how to have is to spoil other people’s fun. Your unhappiness is the only thing that makes them happy.

See, back in the 1940s, a few of Dr. Suess’ books had “images” in them that reflected racial stereotypes widely accepted at the time. But you’re not allowed to be the 1940s! History begins with the revolution, comrades! Before that, nothing! For anyone to see these pictures would be… “hurtful.”

Some observers–Steve Turley and Mark Simone, just to name two I heard yesterday–seem to think the Cancel Culture will ultimately cancel itself out of existence. Talk about a thing that we can do without!

But moving on–what will they cancel for us next week? Gotta keep goin’ or you lose momentum! Gotta keep canceling, even when all that’s left to cancel is each other.

The sooner they get around to that, the better.

One could almost forgive them, if they found a way to cancel the Democrats…

9 comments on “Canceling Dr. Suess

  1. There’s a delicious irony to this, because Seuss was himself a bit of a liberal, IIRC. I think that the far Left will eventually consume itself.

    I can live with a Truman Democrat, or even a Kennedy Democrat. While I wouldn’t necessarily have sympathy for their policies, a degree of counter-balance is a good thing. But some of the contemporary crowd are way to the left of Truman or Kennedy. I believe that I’ve already seen the beginnings of the radical Left beginning to feed upon its own.

  2. I wonder when they’ll get around to cancelling the Laura Ingalls Wilder books (“Little House on the Prairie” and five others in the series) for their depiction of Native Americans in two of the books and a minstrel show in another — not to mention the celebrations of American history in many of the books, obviously a lot of white nationalism.

    1. I’ll post a positive comment on your blog later. Thanks for sharing.
      Yes, the wokies do miss the point. They always do.

    2. OMG THANKS SO MUCH!! If you could like and share-I’d appreciate it! This is a brand new blog that I’m trying to promote! I’m a teacher and I’m really worried about our the future of kids! Anyways, I’ll def follow you! thanks so much!!!

    3. I have lost my “Reblog” function; otherwise I’d have posted your piece. I’m not at all good with computers.

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