Hyper-Humanism: Deadly!

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There is a weird ideology on the loose that’s responsible for many of our troubles–a form of “Ye shall be as gods” which I call hyper-humanism.

Its message: With The Smartest People In The World in charge of everything, nothing bad can ever happen to anybody. Unless, of course, some Enemy of the People doesn’t do his job. Or stoops to some newfangled crime like Climate Change Denial or Misgendering. And if something bad does happen, it’s probably because our rulers haven’t yet been given enough power over us.

The priesthood of this pseudo-religion is a mish-mosh of scientists, noozies, entertainers, and assorted celebrities great and small–with Far Left Crazy politicians firmly seated at the very top of the pyramid.

Denying God, they assign a kind of godhood to themselves. They believe they can do everything that God failed to do, forgot to do, or didn’t do because He doesn’t exist. Just stay frosty while they go about breaking eggs–and if you’re one of those eggs, well, too bad–until they’ve made the world’s greatest omelet ever. Presto! No more war, no more disease, no more inequality! No more bad anything. Man is perfectible by man.

Which is not true; but as many have observed, truth is not a Far Left value.

It’s going to be hard for good things to happen to us as long as we believe such foolishness.

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  1. Most “humanists” don’t realize that the denial of God or even A god does not elevate THEM to that position. It is not mankind that is raised to godlike status in Humanism, but man AS THE STATE! And, of course, when “god” is the State, no crime can be committed by the State against individual human beings.

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