L.A. Teachers: Hell, No, They Won’t Go (Back to Work)

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So who wants to go back to work?

People are getting antsy, all over America, after a year of COVID restrictions screwing up our lives. And one of the particulars of their discontent is… the public schools, in many states, are still closed.

Facing a recall election, California Gov. Gavin Noisome is trying to get his state’s schools re-opened; but the teachers’ union absolutely refuses to go back to work (https://www.newsweek.com/l-teachers-union-facebook-group-warns-educators-not-post-vacations-online-due-bad-optics-1574828).

Ah! But Spring Break is almost here! And so…

“LA teachers’ union warns members about sharing vacation photos due to bad optics.

What? What do they mean, “bad optics”? Defective camera lenses?

No. What they mean is, they don’t want parents seeing pictures on Facebook of overpaid teachers partying in Cancun while regular people stay home and suffer. That would be “bad optics.”

Quote of the day: “As much as educators long to be back to in-person instruction…” Honk if that didn’t make you laugh out loud.

So 91% of the union’s members recently voted against going back to work. They are still paid their full salaries, with benefits, for talking at a nice, well-behaved TV camera instead of a classroom full of unruly kids who’ve been out of school too long.

And the reason the union gives, of course, is “Because COVID.” Actually, children aren’t very susceptible to COVID. Many church schools, and some public schools, have been open for months without a problem. COVID also doesn’t seem to affect supermarket checkout clerks. To say nothing of rioters. You’d think the rioters would be dropping like flies.

No end of mischief has ensued following the government takeover of local school districts. Once upon a time the people who used the schools and paid for them… owned them! They decided who taught in their schools, and what was taught. But the public has been stripped of any vestige of control over its own educational choices.

End public education. Pull the Christian children out and the whole thing collapses. End it now. Let the teachers’ union layabouts go off to Arabia and get jobs as oil sheiks–if they can.

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  1. Another example of why Christian parents are in sin to send their children to the public schools. Don’t they love their children? Don’t they want the best for them and to see them succeed in life? They can learn at home on their own more than they would learn in a public school. Let children pursue their interests, forget about the Common Communist Core Curriculum.

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