Rowdy Rabbits

Most of these rabbits and cats appear to be only playing, no one gets hurt. But one of the bunnies looks like he’s really had it up to here with the cat and he’s gonna lay down the law (how many cliches can I fit into this one sentence?) and take names.

Do these cats have any realization of just how poorly they’re carrying out their role as apex predators? Maybe the apexes are in short supply.

I’ve just discovered that stocking a sentence full of bromides is almost as much fun as writing one.

4 comments on “Rowdy Rabbits

  1. What fun to watch! Makes me wish I still had bunnies in my house. A good size rabbit can hold it own. Seems like cats and bunnies get along pretty well. Oh, to be young again – but that is what the hope of heaven is for, perpetual youth!

  2. At about 1:20, we got to hear the “Siamese voice”, which usually only comes out when a Siamese is really annoyed.

    Rabbits are gentle creatures, but they have a sassy streak, from what I can tell. The other day, I had my cat outside, on a leash, and I noticed that she had frozen in position and was staring intently at something. About 15′ away, was a cottontail, crouched and frozen in place. It was only a few feet from the cover of some bushes, and could have easily sprinted to safety, but this rabbit was defying my cat. I stood up and walked in that general direction, but it didn’t flinch. That was one bold bunny. 🙂

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