‘Left-Wing Noozie Denounces “Bygone Era”‘ (2018)

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I just realized I’ve made a tautology. All noozies are left-wing noozies. They don’t let you out of “journalism” school, otherwise.

Left-wing Noozie Denounces ‘Bygone Era’

Yessireebob, all that stuff that we hold dear, that’s just part of a bygone era–including church, family, and our country. Leftids are here to replace it all with… what? What do they have that anybody but a villain or a moron wants?

But they’ve got possession of our culture, and they’re killing it dead.

Save us, O God.

2 comments on “‘Left-Wing Noozie Denounces “Bygone Era”‘ (2018)

  1. Marx, Darwin, and Freud are part of a bygone era, too — as are MLK and Malcolm X, and Che and Fidel, not to mention Gramsci, Marcuse, Foucault, and Alinsky. In fact, I’m willing to bet that most of the left’s heroes and shaping influences are part of a bygone era. And come to think of it, in another decade or two Joy Reid and all her buddies will be part of a bygone era as well.

    1. Meanwhile, let’s trade in thousands of years’ worth of morality for a lot of crapola invented only recently by moral imbeciles.

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