‘Maybe They Don’t Want to be Rescued’ (2018)

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Remember this? Noozies got all bent out of shape because a Harlem church congregation didn’t go for heresy in the pulpit. Yeahbut, yeahbut! I was Democrat preaching! Don’t these miserable peasants know that’s better than the Bible?

Maybe They Don’t Want to be Rescued

One thing they do know: the only rescuer we have is Jesus Christ. Without Him we’re stuck in this fornication theme park run by moral imbeciles.

From which the Lord deliver us!

3 comments on “‘Maybe They Don’t Want to be Rescued’ (2018)

  1. I wouldn’t trust any other rescuer. And don’t we all need rescuing! — not just from “this fornication theme park run by moral imbeciles” (great description, Lee!), but also from all our own blunderings and backslidings.

    Sometimes the spectacular sins are the easiest ones to repent of — they’re so easy to spot, after all. It’s the shabby little day-to-day sins that are easy to ignore until they coagulate into a great glutinous mass that clogs our souls. Kind of like a spiritual Tar Baby….

    Yup, we definitely need a Savior. Blessedly, we were given one. Thanks be to God!

  2. If not for I John 1:9 and Psalm 32, we would be very down hearted, but with the possibility always available to us, we can be assured that as we repent, we can be forgiven. The “church”, that is us, we still have a vital job to take care of and we had better be about our Father’s business.

    1. We were all many, many years from being born when Our Lord Jesus Christ went to the cross to absorb the penalty for our sins–which we had not yet committed.

      And oh, hum-baby, we’ve got work to do!

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