Michigan Judge: Secretary of State Broke Election Laws

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It’s official–she cheated!

Well, now, how about that? A Michigan judge has ruled that the state’s Democrat secretary of state broke the state’s election laws (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3942916/posts).

What did she do? Oh, not much! Just sent out absentee ballots to all registered voters in the state, all on her own not-lawful authority. And vitiated the standards for verifying voter signatures.

Guilty, guilty, guilty, says the judge.

Uh-huh. And now what?

Well, probably nothing! The elites have the guy they wanted in the White House and refuse to acknowledge any fraud in the 2020 election. Their tame boot-licking nooze media carry this message to the masses.

We are told that some 80 million (!) of us voted for that doddering pitiful old grifter in the White House. Do you believe that? Where are the Biden rallies? Where are the crowds of his supporters?

How many of those Biden voters do not, in fact, exist?

So now we know the secretary of state of Michigan broke the state’s election laws; and her motive was to inflate the Biden vote and depress the Trump vote. In this she brilliantly succeeded.

The judge has found her guilty. So what’s the penalty? Not mentioned! What’s the remedy? Not mentioned!

O Lord our God, defend us. O Lord our God, avenge us.


9 comments on “Michigan Judge: Secretary of State Broke Election Laws

    1. How did you do that? I was still editing the post when your comment came in.

      Why was I editing it? Because the link which was supposed to lead you to the nooze source… led to that video of dogs sliding on the floor.
      Artificial intelligence, hot dog!

    2. “Dogs sliding” … “hot dog” … did you do that on purpose, Lee? 🙂

  1. Interesting, isn’t it, that suddenly a number of states are saying “oops, the elections here were irregular, maybe even illegal”? But Trump and all the rest of us were delusional conspiracy theorists / domestic terrorists for saying just that BEFORE all the leftists’ candidates were installed in office, including the senators from Georgia, which is now ALSO saying “oops” about their senatorial runoff election. But it’s too late to undo or redo everything — and still the leftists keep saying that Trump’s claims about election irregularities were “baseless.”

    Notice, too, that only NOW are the lamestream media acknowledging that their stories about Trump’s phone call with Georgia were a pack of lies — stories that formed the main charge against Trump in the impeachment fiasco.

    I’ve heard some conservatives talk as though these vindications are a victory for us, but I disagree. Instead, I see the revelations as a victory lap for the left, i.e., shoving it in our faces that they got away with murder and there’s nothing we can do about it, either now or in the future.

    1. Right now the left is confident. They “think” they have gotten away with the crime of the century, but confidence leads to complacency. I see many things starting to happen that are largely going unnoticed, and for now this is a good thing. It allows them to fly under the radar without being bothered. I’d say don’t despise small beginnings. These little things add up, like snowball rolling downhill. The Lord will not ignore our prayers for justice… and vengeance.

    2. I hope you’re right. Cuomo’s fortunes are falling, as we speak and Newsom could find himself out of a job.

      I’m not predicting anything. Truly, I have no more idea what will happen than the Man on the Moon, but extraordinary things have been known to happen. As a rule, huge armies don’t often rush into parted seas and drown, but it happened once, when it suited God’s purposes.

      Will justice be served in this matter, or are the “hooks [now set] in the jaws to bring about the attack of Ezekiel 38?

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