Michigan Judge: Secretary of State Broke Election Laws

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It’s official–she cheated!

Well, now, how about that? A Michigan judge has ruled that the state’s Democrat secretary of state broke the state’s election laws (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/3942916/posts).

What did she do? Oh, not much! Just sent out absentee ballots to all registered voters in the state, all on her own not-lawful authority. And vitiated the standards for verifying voter signatures.

Guilty, guilty, guilty, says the judge.

Uh-huh. And now what?

Well, probably nothing! The elites have the guy they wanted in the White House and refuse to acknowledge any fraud in the 2020 election. Their tame boot-licking nooze media carry this message to the masses.

We are told that some 80 million (!) of us voted for that doddering pitiful old grifter in the White House. Do you believe that? Where are the Biden rallies? Where are the crowds of his supporters?

How many of those Biden voters do not, in fact, exist?

So now we know the secretary of state of Michigan broke the state’s election laws; and her motive was to inflate the Biden vote and depress the Trump vote. In this she brilliantly succeeded.

The judge has found her guilty. So what’s the penalty? Not mentioned! What’s the remedy? Not mentioned!

O Lord our God, defend us. O Lord our God, avenge us.


More Evidence of Election Fraud

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A committee of 17 Pennsylvania legislators, chaired by a certified public accountant, has found some 200,000 more “votes counted” than votes actually cast–and all 200,000 of those phony votes went to China Joe Biden (https://wjactv.com/news/local/pa-republican-lawmakers-analysis-finds-presidential-election-numbers-dont-add-up).

There were 6.9 million “votes counted”–out of only 6.7 million actual votes cast. The legislators said they couldn’t understand how the governor and secretary of state could “possibly” have certified the election results.

And so the evidence of fraud in our presidential election of 2020 continues to mount, and it’s already as high as the sky.

And we’re supposed to accept it? That’s the way the cookie crumbles?

God forbid.

President Donald Trump was re-elected by 75 million votes. The 80 million Biden votes was nothing but a lie.

Our republic has been stolen out from under us.

His Rats Can Play Monopoly!

Really Bad Idea: Rat Monopoly | Monopoly, Rats, Bad

There’s a man in Xi Jin Ping City, California, who has taught his two pet rats to play Monopoly. They learned while they were waiting to vote for Joe Biden in our national election.

“Ozzie and Bozzie have gotten pretty good at this game,” says their owner, Charlie Honesty. “They can beat me almost half the time. But Bozzie has a thing about developing his property too fast, and Ozzie takes the Railroads a bit too seriously. A really smart player can skin them all the time.”

Mr. Honesty grew up on the same Indian reservation as Sen. Elizabeth Warren. “I learned a lot from her,” he recalls. “Her name was Loose Papoose back then. No one ever admitted to being her mother.”

Mr. Honesty has a goldfish who wants to go to Washington and help pass the Green New Deal. “It’s just a matter of getting her elected,” he says. “I know a lot of fictitious people who say they’d vote for her. A lot of illegal aliens, too. We all love to see a goldfish helping to shape public policy.”

His proudest moment came several weeks ago, when a lifelike cardboard facsimile of Gov. Gavin Newsom was left at his front door. Blushing shyly, he now admits, “I had him in my living room for three days before I realized that he wasn’t real! But it’s the thought that counts.”

Here the AP News story ends abruptly.

So Who Was at the Biden Rally?

What if they had a Democrat rally in Atlanta and nobody came? Oh, wait a minute–they did have a Democrat rally in Atlanta and nobody came.

Crikey, they tell us this bozo, this monkey, got 80+ million votes–and no one comes to hear him speak? A flea circus would draw a bigger crowd than this. There are more signs than people. More “journalists” than people.

You’d think they could’ve hit Soros up for some money and manufactured a cheering crowd. Was it too much trouble, to do that? Or do they really, truly think “We’ve got this, we’ve already got it, we don’t have to do anything”? After all, they have voting machines that reliably give them however many votes they need to manufacture a consent. Public support has become irrelevant to them.

This is why we’re going to win: the enemy is both stupid and so puffed up with hubris that he can’t see straight. All we have to do is not give up. Keep gathering the evidence, speaking the truth, and by all means turn off the nooze media: they’re just the organ grinders’ monkeys. There’s too much evidence to sweep under the rug, with more coming in by the hour. This presidential election was perverted, corrupted, and stolen by the Democrats. Do not give up. Do not rest until it’s overturned.

Because if it’s not, we don’t have a republic anymore.

And that’s all the nooze I’m gonna do today, or Christmas Day–so enjoy it (if that’s the word for it).

Introducing a New Constitutional Amendment… for ‘Fair Elections’

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Democrat Senators Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) and Bernie Sanders (Vermont) have proposed a new Constitutional amendment “to guarantee fair elections.”

The draft of the amendment says: “If there is a consensus among prominent news media personalities, academics, and Hollywood celebrities that the American electorate made an error in their choice for president, the election shall be ruled void, the elected candidate shall be removed from office, and the losing candidate shall be installed in his or her or xer place.”

“They’re calling it ‘the Do-Over Amendment,'” Sanders said, “but that’s wrong because the election won’t be done over: the losing candidate will simply be declared the winner and take office as such. It’s not like the country will turn over and capsize. We just want to ensure that the right people get elected.”

“Wahoo!” added Sen. Warren. “I think I’m gonna get me another beer.”

The official title of the measure is “the Fair and Honest Elections Amendment.” So far, every Democrat in America has endorsed it, along with the editorial staffs of The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Daily Worker. Actor Alec Baldwin has promised “117 percent support from the creative community.” The National Education Assn. is also on board, and first-term Representative and former bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has commented, “Like, wow!”

Funding has been promised by George Soros’ Foundation for Pure Evil.