‘You Heard It from a Noozie: Man Is God’ (2015)

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Please just go away. Both of you.

Good grief. Have the Cuomo brothers really been vexing us for only five years? It feels more like forty.

Here we have the brother who’s a noozie postulating that our rights come to us by gift of the state, instead of by the sovereign grace of God.

You Heard It from a Noozie: Man is God

The brother who’s governor of New York is in very hot water these days. Is there any way to retire both of them at once?

Anyway, that much statism is totally incompatible with Christianity.

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  1. Well, we shouldn’t be surprised. They are pretty much all on the bandwagon, “calling evil good, and good evil”. I could see, even back in my 20’s, that man was not capable of governing himself. I said this to my late husband, and he responded with, “oh, but we have laws…” Hah! a lot of good that is doing.

  2. They were trained well by their father — and I’m not speaking necessarily of the Father Of Lies, although he probably had a hand (or cloven hoof) in it all. Mario Cuomo was the one who started the whole “personally opposed but” excuse for supporting abortion and every perversion under the sun when he was governor of New York. And then every other politician could use the same excuse and still claim to be Christian. So the rotten apples don’t fall far from the tainted Cuomo tree. As Someone once said, “By their fruits you shall know them.”

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