Cuckoo for Catnip

No more nooze for a while–I can’t take anymore.

Let us, instead, imagine ourselves as cats enjoying catnip. I wonder what it’s like for them. It doesn’t do a thing for me.

7 comments on “Cuckoo for Catnip

  1. To the best of my knowledge, catnip is similar to mint, and acts as a stimulant to cats. They aren’t high, or in any way drugged, in the sense the marijuana or alcohol affects people. My opinion is that they just get a bit hyperactive and act goofy. I’ve heard that some cats are not affected, but most are.

    1. Buster and Missy were indifferent to it. I haven’t tried it on Robbie and Peep–not sure imported catnip is safe.

  2. I tried to give Iggy a catnip mouse once, but I had to take it away from him because he was frantically trying to stuff it all the way into his mouth and nearly choking himself. Too dangerous.

    By the way, how is Robbie doing? How did her tests turn out?

    1. Thanks for asking, Phoebe. All her numbers had improved, and she finally put some weight back on. So we’re probably doing something right.

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