‘Stand Up! Stand Up for Jesus!’

If there was ever a time we needed to stand up for Jesus, that time is now. Stand up for Him, and He will stand up for us. As the hymn says, truly, “the arm of flesh will fail us.” But Christ will not.

Sung by the students from Fountainview Academy on their European tour.

5 comments on “‘Stand Up! Stand Up for Jesus!’

  1. I hadn’t heard this one for a long time, but it reminds me of an elderly lady I once went to visit in her home, to help her select eyeglass frames so our business could make glasses for her. She was on her bed most of the time, and once when she needed to get up and was having difficulty, she began to sing this, and
    was finally able to get to her feet.

  2. A good militant church song – we need more of them. We are in a spiritual battle. The religion of Satan, Communism, is making a full-court press to win America. They won’t because they are losers, defeated at the Cross by Jesus.

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