Shaik-Speer He Was A Racist!!

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We was goingto Has a Dragg Queeen Stroy Hower to-day but insted we hased a Lexture aboat Shaik-Speer,, he was a Racist and the prefesser whoo Gived the Lexture she has to ware a Dunts Cap becose she usedto “teech” Shaik-Speer “and” nevver toled her Class that “he” “was” “a” Racist!!!!!

The lexture was awl aboat this heer Play he rote it was caled “King Leer” and evry boddy in it thay “All” dyed!!!!!!!!! He aslo rote a TV shoaw caled “The Nekkid Citty” it was aboat “a” hole citty ful Of Noodists!!! and she toled us abuot anether Play he rote caled “Dog My Cats” and she sayed “That thare Play it was so full of Bad-ness, “it maikes “King Leer look lyke a Tradegy!!!”!

Now iff Shaik-Speer he wasnt a Racist thenn the Play it wood of hadded Minorites in it insted of jist Wyte Peeple and King Leer he “wood of” bin a king of somb plaice in Mecksiko and he woodof bin “a” Queen insted of a King!!!!!! Wye dint the Govvermint in Inglind infestigait Shaik-Speer and senser al his Playes??? and the prefesser she sayed “i amb heer to Tell yiu” that “yiu shoodnt reed Oar whatch no Shaik-Speer Playes or TV shoze becose of wat A “Big” Racist he was”!!”” and anny boddy that “we ketch reeding” Shaik-Speer “thay whill be kicked Out “of” Collidge”!!””

I amb so mutch Smarter nhow becose i heered “that thare” Lexture!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. When we weigh the past in today’s balances, it’s easy to forget how different the world was, back then. Northern European depictions of religious figures bore an uncanny resemblance to … Northern Europeans; but that’s hardly surprising in view of the fact that most Northern Europeans had probably never seen anyone from other parts of the world, in person.

    When I was a child, and the Cold War was raging, I always wondered what Russians looked like. I would have hooked my iPad up to the Internet and had a gander, but neither had been invented, at that time. One night I had a dream and there were Russians in my dream, white from the waist up, and much darker from the waist down. For all I knew, this was accurate. 🙂

    We can’t blame Shakespeare for writing about the world he knew, for it was the only world he could possibly write about knowledgeably. Things were different then, and, once again, you can’t blame someone for the conditions of their era, just because they don’t meet the standards of our era.

  2. No one at Joe’s collidge needs to fear being kicked out of collidge for reading Shakespeare, since it’s doubtful whether anyone at the collidge can read at all.

  3. As for “Queen Lear,” there have been a couple of productions in which the gender roles were reversed so that Lear was in fact a queen (royal, that is, not drag — but that may be next or may already have been done) and the three daughters were sons instead. Needless to say, the productions made no logical sense at all. But who cares? The concept was “daring” and “interrogatory of patriarchal assumptions” and other such drivel. It also, unfortunately, made a brilliant and heart-searing play into a stinkeroo.

    1. I think somebody has just won Drivel Bingo.

      I do wish, though, I could’ve seen James Earl Jones play the role on Broadway. That was many years ago, though. Back when we could sometimes succeed at making skin color irrelevant.

    2. In some ways, classical opera has become the place where race is irrelevant. Our best singers today are from all over the world and in all shades of skin color. And no one notices. We notice only the voices and the music.

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