‘Anti-Asian Hate’? Really?

Image: Betty Wu, center, and her children, Timmy, 3, and Kayley, 5, at a "Stop Asian Hate" rally Saturday in Pittsburgh.

A lunatic shoots up a massage parlor; and instantaneously our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. generate a whole Narrative (noozie for “lie”) about America being the land of “anti-Asian hate.” This springs up full-blown, professionally printed protest signs and all, like Athena from the head of Zeus. (I wonder how many collidge grads have never heard of that.)

I live in a part of New Jersey in which “Asians” are a big part of the population. Chinese, Indians, Koreans–you see them everywhere, peacefully going about their business like everybody else. In fact, there is no “else.” They are part of “everybody.”

We get the impression that the noozies were just waiting for this incident, or any incident, so they could go into their routine. America is evil! America is racist! Bad, bad, bad America!

In fact, the only persons actually practicing discrimination against Asian-Americans are–of course!–liberals. They’re the ones who won’t let eminently qualified Asian students go to the college of their choice: because there are too many Asian students (!) and space has to be reserved for Cherished Minorities–whether those are qualified or not.

Lost in the sauce has been any question as to how those young Asian women wound up “working” in the massage parlor in the first place. Can you say “human trafficking”? Were they there because they’d been unconscionably exploited by wicked and ungodly persons? Betcha they were!

We know it’s in a liberal’s DNA to hate his own country and try to hurt it. This is what they are and they can’t help it. This is why they must be kept out of power. Because they do us harm–all of us.

So now they’ve manufactured yet another “hate” that we can all be guilty of.

Are we going to let them do it… again?

5 comments on “‘Anti-Asian Hate’? Really?

  1. I have herd to opinion, of late, the “nation will rise against nation”, as stated in Matthew 24, includes ethnicities rising against one another, which I certainly see in abundance, these days. I have never thought of Asian people as being the victims of any widespread hatred in the US, at least since WW II. I know that there are a handful of people out there that have hatred for other ethnicities, but I also know that there are far more people out there that do not have such sentiments.

    Having some Asian blood myself, I can’t say that I’ve seen much of a problem. I have met a handful of jidrools that saw fit to make fun of Asians, but that says more about the jidrools in question, than it does about common attitudes.

    1. I just wonder about the dazzling speed with which our Free & Independent Nooze Media Inc. whipped up this “narrative”.

  2. I’m an Asian guy and I must say in the university what various “__ studies” have to say is so raciests against Asians. I’ve been told Asians want to act White and want to be White even though I was never trying to change my skin color! I even had a leftist tell me there’s an “Asian Bourgeois” that is priveleged to go the University. My state actually tried to have less Asians in the 90s and I think leftists are the systematic racism they are talking about, they don’t care about individualism, liberty or merit-base opportunities

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