Sick and Tired of Masks

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This morning’s grocery shopping brought me to Whole Foods, where Cerberus at the door scolded me for my mask not being high enough. “I need you to put that over your nose,” she said. “I need you to pinch it so it doesn’t slip down.” I need you to do this, I need you to do that: somebody’s been watching too many TV cop shows.

Well, sunshine, I don’t care what you need. This encounter degenerated into a shouting match. I’m not proud of this, but I’ll tell you what these little tinpot tyrants do need–a realization that the consent of the governed is wearing very, very thin. But meanwhile, if you don’t wear the mask the way they like it, they won’t let you buy food. Tom Paine is spinning in his grave.

Did I wake up in Communist China this morning? They can actually order you to wear a mask? What kind of country is this turning into?

Just the kind that Democrats want: no land of the free, no home of the brave: just a lot of timid little sheeple who tamely obey the government. Feh!

This has to stop. We have to find a way to stop it.

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  1. Oh, I totally agree. These silly things do nothing to help. My niece, an RN, supervising a clinic in Oregon, says she and her fellow workers do not use the masks and only when a “nervous nelly” appears all bent out of shape, they may put one on. We shopped on Friday and shopped where masks were optional, but the little local village market demands them. What a nuisance.

  2. Considering you live in the most liberal state in the Union, I am not surprised. I never wear a mask anymore now that I am not sub teaching but being Nurse David. At Best Buy they make you put on a mask, but then I walk on and take it off.

  3. I find that sign offensive and degrading, and discriminatory against people with invisible disabilities.

    Now, who can I sue?

    I had someone come to our place to look at cats for potential adoption. The driver got out of her vehicle and put a mask on. She stayed outside the entire time, as we were bringing the cats out to show the elderly gentleman in the vehicle. Kept her mask on the entire time. We’re on a farm in the middle of nowhere. What did she think would happen???

    1. I have to admit, I might have done this too. I wear one when I need to interact with others because I have type A blood (supposedly making me more susceptible to catching Covid), high blood pressure, and a congenital heart defect. I have no idea what kind of damage this virus might do to me. Several of my friends, neighbors, and relatives who have refused to mask and are just going on with life as usual all got sick. Maybe I’ll be able to relax a little once I’ve been fully vaccinated. My first shot is scheduled for tomorrow, and I’m nervous as heck. Don’t really trust they are safe, but I’m too young to be a shut-in! My kids are losing it. I have to do something.

    2. I still don’t understand why “they” are treating this as the worst and deadliest disease in all of history… and it makes me profoundly suspicious.

    3. I have at least 4 comorbidities that put me at higher risk. I also cannot wear a mask because of one of them.

      It all comes down to risk factors. Even if I came in contact with Schrodinger’s virus, that doesn’t mean I’ll get sick. If I do get sick, I have at least a 90% chance of survival. I’m more likely to get killed in a car accident, or tripping down the stairs. Actually, I’m a LOT more likely to die falling down the stairs, because of my wrecked knees. Yet I still take the stairs and I still drive on highways filled with idiots who do things like drive drunk.

      I used to think the custom in some countries of masking while sick was a good idea, and maybe even polite. I now know it does nothing to protect anyone, and does nothing but give a psychological crutch. I also now know that general wearing of masks (aside from what they were designed tested and rated for) is not only useless in protecting from a virus, but may cause the wearer more physical harm than protect. The psychological harm, on the other hand, is significantly worse.

      As for the vaccine, it is not going to be the magic bullet that it is being marketed as, and we have no clue if it’ll actually help or harm. There’s a reason vaccines take years before they are put on the market. However, like any other treatment, we can only make the decision for ourselves as to whether we are more at first from the vaccine, or from what it’s for. Personally, I would be more at risk from the vaccine.

      Oh, and the lock downs are also causing more harm than help, too. The damage to our health and immune systems is going to mean people are more likely to get sick from any random virus that we are always surrounded with, all the time, then ever before. Of course, anyone who gets sick, they’re going to blame Schrodinger’s virus, as if no other viruses exist anymore.

      You are right. We have to do something. That something is to stop listening to politicians and agenda driven ideologues that want to keep us under control with fear appeal.

      What we should be doing, and should have been doing from the start, was getting outside, in the fresh air and sunshine, as much as possible. We should have been getting as much exercise as we as physically able to, eat as healthy as we can afford, practice good (not excessive) hygiene with the hand washing, etc., and just as important as everything else, stop *social* distancing. It’s just polite to stay our of other people’s personal bubble spaces, but we humans are social creatures, and we *need* social contact. and yes, physical contact, but let’s save that for our loved ones. 😉 In other words, hugging grandma is healthier and safter than locking her in her room.

    4. A voice of sanity! Thank you, Re-Farmer.
      Behind all this, I sense the creepy ideology of hyper-humanism…. promising a risk-free world if only we give the government absolute power to create it for us.

    5. (argh. Please forgive the typos and wrong words my fingers typed instead of what my brain told them to! I’m sure you can figure out what I meant to say… LOL)

  4. I too had a shouting match with an idiot soir greeter at Walmart who insisted I put on a mask. Well, I didn’t exactly shout; I raised my voice as I walked away, but he certainly shouted at me. I took the mask but didn’t put it on, and he told me not to come back without a mask on next time.
    I haven’t seen him since. I hope got fired.
    It was the day of Bidens inauguration, so I think he thought this was his chance to tyrannize normal people who thought that life should just go on like normal.

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