Feminist Crapola on Steroids

University of Hell Press

See? That’s the publisher’s logo. I’m not kidding. University of Hell.

But if they do publish books in Hell, they’ll publish this one–Erase the Patriarchy: an anthology of erasure poetry. No, I will not mention the author by name. I suspect she may be not all there.

But wait, there’s more! What is “erasure poetry,” anyway? Well, according to an erasure poetry website, it’s “a form of found poetry [someone else has already written it] wherein a poet [or a nitwit] takes an existing text and erases, blacks out, or otherwise obscures a large portion of the text, creating a wholly new work from what remains.” It can also serve as “a means of confrontation,” in case you feel the urge to confront a poem. At least a poem can’t grab your nose and twist it because it’s tired of hearing your babble.

This has gotta be college junk. No way this horse-schiff survives outside the looniversity.

What ever made the perky publicist think I’d want to review a road-apple called Erase the Patriarchy? I wouldn’t mind erasing academic feminists. Well, not really erasing them. Just sending them off to live on a planet with no men on it for them to harass. And if they wind up cutting each other’s throats–well, who knew that would happen?

Jack   went up    a pail   of    Jill    crown    after…

Wow. Erasure poetry. Eat your heart out, Dante.

This is what you get when your deluded society decides everyone just has to go to college, everyone, no more reserving it to scholars; and you flatten it out and dumb it down so even the most paltry intellects can harvest a degree. You get crapola. You get crapola on steroids.

Contest! Find one, just one, constructive use of erasure poetry, or one contribution, no matter how infinitesimally small, it could possibly make to the world… and win a tin foil dunce cap.

And hey out there! No turning my posts into Erasure Posts!


7 comments on “Feminist Crapola on Steroids

  1. Awww, your last line stopped me in my tracks as I was about to try doing just that. 🙂

    Speaking of altering texts…. As my eyes swept across the page before they settled down to reading, I thought I saw a reference to “paltry insects” setting out to “harvest a degree.” Alas, when my eyes focused, I saw it was “paltry intellects” doing the harvesting. I think I liked it better in the unfocused version 🙂 So is that a kind of “found poetry” too? And did I just disobey the order I said had stopped me in my tracks? Oh well.

  2. Well, we could take ‘found erasure poetry’ and turn it into our own erasure poetry. Turn feminist poems into Christian ones, stuff like that. I suspect they wouldn’t be too pleased, which would make it all the funnier 🙂

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