My Newswithviews Column, March 25 (‘It Just Plain Stinks’)

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The headline refers to our public education system, which just plain stinks.

It Just Plain Stinks

I think they made it bad on purpose–don’t you? With the schools controlled by Far Left teacher unions and crack-brained “education” theorists, Job. No. 1 for the schools is to produce mobs of useful idiots for the Democrat Party to manipulate as needed. This is why they want to keep lowering the voting age. With enough illegals pouring in and obtaining cheap citizenship, and enough hypnotized 14-year-olds voting, Democrats won’t have to go to the trouble of rigging elections anymore.

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  1. It’s a generational thing — mildly indoctrinated students going on to become teachers and indoctrinate students further left, who in turn become teachers and indoctrinate students even further left … and so on, ad infinitum. It’s like the old science fiction stories about robot factories where robots make robots to make robots, until the world is overrun by robots.

  2. Jimmy Carter created the Dept. of Education which was unconstitutional to do, and Ronald Reagan failed to abolish it. Several States are now on the Nullification Bandwagon, passing legislation saying they will not follow Biden’s Executive Orders if they are unconstitutional. Arkansas passed a total ban on abortion law, and now Alabama has passed the same law. The States created the federal gov’t, not the other way around.

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