‘The Democracy Pledge’–Are These Commies Kidding?

Systematic Tyranny: How the Kim Dynasty Holds the North Korean People In  Bondage

“Democracy” at work!

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That last election stank to high heaven; but now Democrats want to force people to say it was fair and honest. Somehow it always comes down to coercion, with them.

So now they’ve got this former Justice (LOL) Dept. prosecutor saying, let us quote (https://mariomurilloministries.wordpress.com/2021/03/24/the-latest-tyranny/) :

“Every business in America must sign a pledge that the election of Joseph Biden was free and fair and produced accurate, reliable results…” They call it “The Democracy Pledge”–barf bag, please–and if you won’t sign it, watch out. They will bury you.

What in the world was this freak doing in the Justice Dept.? How did such a creature emerge from our schools (I’m afraid that one answers itself). I mean, wouldn’t he feel much more at home in North Korea?

Boy, oh, boy–when libs say “democracy,” watch out! Next thing you know, it’s barbed wire, gulags, and a lot of dead bodies.

What is someone like this doing in America?

But think about that. Right there in the bowels of the government–a government whose stated duty and function is to uphold the Constitution–lurked a character who wants to force people to say things they don’t believe, or else. Or else what? Well, the Cancel Culture at the very least: destroy you and your business. Or they could just stick to the old-fashioned way and kill you.

This was in our government. And he was not alone.

Our federal government needs a thorough cleansing; but who has hands clean enough to do it?

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  1. Funny that some of the people applauding this idea are the same ones who’ve expressed outrage about the old loyalty oath that merely promised to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Now they applaud a loyalty oath to an individual instead. Next come the show trials and the gulags.

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