Is This Stuff Scaring You Yet?

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Two major innovations in government have come along in just the past year and a half or so. Both are evil.

*Manufactured Consent: Just rig the election so it looks like your guy really won, and then claim a Mandate–say, 80 million votes–to do absolutely anything you want. And if it wrecks the country, what do you care?

*Recruiting the private sector to do the government’s dirty work. Why pass unconstitutional laws that might be overturned in court–not likely, anymore, but still remotely possible–when you can get people who are not in the government to oppress their fellow citizens? For example, the First Amendment forbids the government from taking away our freedom of speech–but it doesn’t forbid Mark Zuckerberg from doing so.

We learned this on the playground–the bigger the bully, the more little henchmen he has who are even more odious than he. The stores and streets are jam-packed full of Starsky and Hutch wannabes who’ll get in your face if your Mandate Mask isn’t where they think it should be. They’d be shocked if they knew where I think it should be.

Our whole American way of doing politics has been broken down suddenly, and every day now we find ourselves on unmapped ground.

But we’ve got this: “Honest! We’ll give you your freedom back as soon as we have a germ-free environment! You have our word on it!”

Governed by thieves, idiots, lunatics, liars, bullies, and whores…

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  1. Our Governor just signed legislation making it illegal for biological males to compete in female sports! Arkansas is one of the first States to do this. At our City Elders meeting last night, our D.A. and two House Reps (all strong Bible-believing Christians) said they expected our Governor to cancel the Mask Mandate at the end of this month. Since I am not subbing these days because of being a 24/7 nurse to my wife, I don’t wear masks anywhere I go anyway.

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