‘The Shack’: F- (2017)

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This movie came, and bombed, and went away without a lot of people noticing it had ever been here. The public just wasn’t ready for a sloppy mass of para-Christianity cliches.

‘The Shack’: F-

I was flabbergasted when Steve Brown raved about The Shack on his Christian radio show, Key Life. Was there really such a grass-roots fervor for the universalist heresy? The box office said no.

Hollywood will even make a pretend-Christian movie, if they think it’ll lead Christians away from the Bible.

I simply can’t imagine sitting there watching this bilge.

6 comments on “‘The Shack’: F- (2017)

  1. Ugh, I remember when this book was all the rave. I remember when the argument against critics of the book were, “Well, it’s just fiction!”
    Right, so heresy is OK as long as it’s presented in a fictitious format.

  2. The book to use another used up cliché is better. My brother in law gave me a copy to read and I did. I don’t how bad the movie was but the book was pretty good.

    1. Sorry, but what is good about a book that depicts God the Father (who never assumes bodily form) as a black woman, God the Son as a doofy, klutzy guy, and the Holy Spirit as a woman?
      What is good about a book that teaches universal salvation without repentance?

      This book is chock full of heresies.

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