More Culture Meltdown: ‘Satan Shoes’

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Have some tulips instead.

Hailed as “a young queer Black man” who’s breaking all sorts of bad outmoded no-good barriers, a rapper calling himself “Lil Nas”–sorry, but I really do prefer not to know about these things: they do not edify–is being sued by Nike for marketing his “Satan Shoes” as if they were a Nike product (

Nike is upset because this has damaged overall sales: people think that Nike is endorsing Satanism.

The “Satan Shoes” are made from modified Nike sneakers, plus a pentagram and (we are at liberty not to believe this) “a drop of human blood” in the sole. Supposedly only 666 pairs of Satan Shoes will be sold. Where do we go to stand in awe of so much cleverness?

Don’t ask me to illustrate this post with any photos or videos of this. Nor will I get into a discussion of “Lil Nas'” , er, works. They do not edify.

But one thing they do do is debase and debauch our culture; and in turn, our culture debases and debauches our character. We are like fish who are compelled to swim in a lake of toxic waste. Ain’t gonna do us any good.

May God have mercy on us.


11 comments on “More Culture Meltdown: ‘Satan Shoes’

  1. Did you catch Matt Walsh’s take on this? I had no idea who this “artist” was (neer heard of him before), but apparently, his target audience is children. As in, elementary school kids. !!!!!

    1. I missed that, but somebody told me about it. What kind of parent would let a child anywhere near this toxic character?

    2. Sadly, I’ve known parents that would have done it, and patted themselves on the back over what great parents they are for being so “open minded” and “non-judgemental.” These would be the same parents who preened while talking about their token gay children. Sadly, these were all home schooling parents, whose kids are now adults. Today, they’d be preening over their token trans kids. Being gay is sooooo last decade.

    3. Don’t forget how many parents gleefully took their children to Drag Queen Story Hours at their local libraries.

    4. Yup. Of course, those parents who objected were painted by the media as intolerant homophobes and religious nutbars.

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